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Barbadillo Medium Amontillado Sherry NV

Jerez DO

Sherry is one of the wine world’s great bargains, crafted for decades and every mouthful packing in nuances of flavour. This rich amontillado has gorgeous layers of nutty, apricot, caramel flavours. With the rise of tapas bars, it's very on-trend.

Beyond the Label

Tasting notes

Freshly tangy with a raisiny edge, toasted almonds and smooth caramel


Smooth caramel and cinnamon with roasted almonds

Allergy information

Contains sulphites

Barbadillo Medium Amontillado Sherry NV

More information

  • 17.5% ABV
  • 13.13 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 1 May, 2023

With the rise across the world of tapas bars and the recognition of Spain's amazing cuisine, comes the ascendance of fine sherry. It takes years of ageing in a bodega's cool dark cellars, in the traditional solera system, to make these wines, so they really do represent superb value. This fine Amontillado is from the Barbadillo family, whose bodega was founded in 1821. They have won many top trophies, including ‘Best Winery of the Year’ and ‘Best Manzanilla in the World’. It's aged for three years in barrel, part of the time under ‘flor’ (the layer of yeast that floats on the surface) to add biscuity, appley flavours and partly without, so it gently oxidises and develops an array of rich, nutty flavours. Great with cured hams and cheeses.

"Exceedingly popular in Spain, Amontillado is a richer, smoother and, in this case, sweeter than Fino" Samuel Fishlock
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