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The Little Italian Rosé 2018

South Eastern Australia

Aussie rosé that’s pure Italian at heart. It’s made from four prized Italian grape varieties, plus a dash of Shiraz, and crafted by Bill Calabria and family. Gorgeously fruity and fresh, with lashings of crisp strawberry and lemon notes. Delicious.

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Tasting notes

Very fresh and fruity with strawberry and lemon notes, hint of spice


Strawberry, lemon, creamy notes

The Little Italian Rosé 2018

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  • 12.5% ABV
  • 9.38 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2022

Old friend Bill Calabria at his family winery in Riverina is an Italian at heart. His parents emigrated from southern Italy in 1927, with the promise of land in Oz. They settled in the west end of Griffith, growing vegetables to make a living and helping other Italians who arrived. It was tough times. By 1945 they had scraped together enough to start a winery. Bill Calabria took over in 1974 and has been making cracking wines with an award winning track record ever since. His Little Italian Rosé is a celebration of his Italian roots and uses nearly all traditional Italian grapes. Sangiovese, Aglianico, Nero d’Avola and Negroamaro – treasured varieties and rare finds in Oz. With a dash of Shiraz, this is a fresh, fruity, charming pink.

"Gorgeously fruity fresh pink from our very good friends at Calabria Family Wines. Cheers, Bill!" Dan Parrott
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