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Tasting notes

"This is a really interesting twist on gin, and the rhubarb gives it a whole new dimension" Online Review
Map showing Northamptonshire
Tasting note information
This is a wonderful, spicy English gin with a robust rhubarb taste. It is made by ‘Curiosity’, an Arnold Holstein still that forms the beating heart of the operation (it’s a tradition of artisan craftsmen in the business to give their still a name). The all important rhubarb was originally grown in the kitchen gardens of Buckingham Palace during the reign of Queen Victoria, and has since had quite a journey. Half was sent to the Vice Regal Lodge in Dublin and it has now made its way back to Crown Estate land in Lincolnshire. The rhubarb is squeezed through a cider press. Sugar is added and it is blended with the 89% ABV Harrington Dry Gin to bring it to 40%. The pink, square bottle makes this gin’s appearance as distinctive as its taste.