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Thomas Hardy's Ale Golden Edition 50th Anniversary (33cl bottle) 2018


First created in 1968 to commemorate the renowned English writer, Thomas Hardy’s Ale is legendary in beer aficionado circles. In the past, brewers maintained it could be stored for 25 years. We doubt that – who could leave it unopened that long?

Beyond the Label

Tasting notes

Flavours of dried fruit and honey lead to a pleasing crisp finish


Complex notes of dried figs, fresh tobacco and chocolate

Thomas Hardy's Ale Golden Edition 50th Anniversary (33cl bottle) 2018

More information

  • 13.0% ABV
  • 4.29 Units
  • 330.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2028

Originally conceived as a one-off edition, Thomas Hardy’s Ale was initially made in the sadly now closed Eldridge Pope Brewery in Dorchester, Dorset. Marketed as a vintage barley wine, it was a tribute to Hardy’s description of the strong beer of Dorchester, “bright like an autumn sunset”, in his novel The Trumpet Major. Though there have been a handful of vintages since the 1968 release, this ale was in danger of being forgotten. However in 2012 beer enthusiasts the Vecchiato brothers rescued the brand, securing the ale’s recipe for future drinkers. Crafted with Warminster Maris Otter and Light Crystal malts, it owes its aromatic qualities to Fuggle and Golding hops. Delicious ale but please approach with caution – it weighs in at 13% vol!

"The return of a legendary ‘barley wine’ that has beer lovers afroth with giddy anticipation" Karl McCulloch
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