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The Black Stump Durif 50th Anniversary 2019

South Eastern Australia

With 32 top awards to this wine, it’s a real showstopper – and that’s just the standard version. To celebrate both our and the cellar’s 50th Anniversary year, winemaker Alan Kennett has made a true ‘super Stump’. Pure, inky dark, dense and delicious.

Beyond the Label

Tasting notes

Dark chocolate, ripe black fruit and oaky spice


Oozing ripe black fruit, vanilla and cinnamon

The Black Stump Durif 50th Anniversary 2019

More information

  • 15.0% ABV
  • 11.25 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2022

To mark our 50th Anniversary, in a year that also celebrates Casella’s 50 years, winemaker Alan Kennett had free rein to produce the absolute best. So he held nothing back. Our all-time customer favourite Black Stump has a portion of jet black, super smooth Durif at its core. For this special edition, Alan used 100% Durif – pure, dark and dangerously delicious. The result is this wine, pulsing with dark chocolate richness, black fruit and sumptuous spice. There’s so little Durif in Oz, there is very little to go round – in fact our customers take nearly all of it. So this super Durif is a definite one-off, but as a celebration of such a big anniversary, twice over, we think it’s worth it. Grab a case while you can and order your rib-eye.

"Richer and darker than ever before. Label looks pretty smart too!" Daniel Parrott
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