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Cambridge Dry Gin 70cl NV


Made with local botanicals this gin has been expertly blended for aromatic refreshment. It’s brimming with flavours of fresh basil, rosemary, rose petal and finished with a clean cut of citrus. A sip will cast you away to an English country garden.

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Tasting notes

Elegant notes of fresh basil, rosemary, rose petal and citrus


Juniper, rose, basil, rosemary and fresh citrus

Cambridge Dry Gin 70cl NV

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  • 42.0% ABV
  • 29.4 Units
  • 700.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2050

Cambridge Dry Gin is both elegant and refined, just like an English country garden. Walks through the meadows surrounding Cambridge inspired William and Lucy Lowe to create gins that capture the essence of their wild local flora. To achieve this, they only select botanicals that are grown in and around their home. Each sip is quintessentially Cambridge. Fresh English botanicals combine with traditional juniper, plus fresh basil, rosemary, rose petal, angelica seed, blackcurrant leaf and finished with a spruce of lemon verbena. The result is a homage to both their heritage and to the aromatic, sensorial delight of an English meadow at the height of summer. Take a tall glass, fill with ice and finish with tonic and a sprig of fresh mint.

"A very drinkable gin with tonic which I could find myself enjoying on a warm Summer’s day" Tegan LeBon
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