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Madame F Rouge QB 2020

Pays d'Oc IGP

Flirty, feisty, and fruit-filled, Madame F Rouge is a character full of charm. A product of pride, pizzazz, and creativity, she teases with luscious berry fruit infused with warm spice. A welcoming glassful from sun-kissed South of France.

Beyond the Label

Tasting notes

Velvety, with raspberry, blackberry, herbs and spice. Long finish


Berries, sweet spices and a hint of herbs

Allergy information

Contains sulphites

Madame F Rouge QB 2020

More information

  • 13.5% ABV
  • 10.13 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2023

Madame F is a smooth, berry-scented red wine, produced in collaboration with the charity Queer Britain. It’s a partnership that raises a cheer for Queer Britain’s creative community and supports the nation’s first LGBTQ+ museum. Illustrator Justin Kemp is the designer behind the Susy the Frog image on the front of the Madame F wine label, a vivacious celebration which translates into the wine herself. She is a rich southern French red, oozing ripe berries and spice. A brave original blend of berry-rich Grenache, herby Shiraz and spicy Carignan, emanating nothing but warmth and joy. Irresistible on her own or with grilled meats and ratatouille. Raise a glass to creativity, inclusivity and originality with this sumptuous red!

"Velvety smooth, berry-spiced, juicy red, enjoy a glass of Madame F with Pride" Mark Hoddy
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