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Glenmorangie Original 10-year-old Whisky (70cl in gift box) NV

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glenmorangie boasts Scotland’s tallest stills and makes one of the purest, most elegant single malts of the Highlands. This is the distillery's original expression and matured in bourbon oak, has a superb balance of sweetness and creamy complexity.

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Tasting notes

Smooth with creamy toffee, vanilla, spice and orange zest


Lemon, orange, nectarine and vanilla

Glenmorangie Original 10-year-old Whisky (70cl in gift box) NV

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  • 40.0% ABV
  • 28.0 Units
  • 700.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2035

The famous Glenmorangie distillery was founded in 1843 on a site overlooking the Dornoch Firth, close to Tain. It's believed there's been brewing and distilling there as far back as the Middle Ages. Today all the processes remain very traditional, with the work carried out by the ‘Sixteen Men of Tain’ in pretty much the same roles they would have had in the 19th century. They take the water for distilling from a pure spring, rich in minerals, that the brewers who preceded them used to make an ale famous as far south as Inverness. Quality bourbon oak barrels, new and second fill, and unusually tall stills also contribute to the character of this fine malt. Smooth, yet richly fruity, Glenmorangie makes the perfect after dinner dram.

"A fine classic Highland malt, always a pleasure to sip on. Smooth and complex" Samuel Fishlock
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