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Cambridge Distillery Three Seasons Gin (70cl) NV


Inspired by the fragrance of English country gardens in spring, summer and autumn, this is tasty gin with two Golds to its name. It's been created by Cambridge Distillery using a modern distillation method to get pure aromatics from each botanical.

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Tasting notes

Very fresh, herbal with bright citrus notes, juniper, lemon verbena


Citrus, rose petal, lemon verbena and blackcurrant leaf

Cambridge Distillery Three Seasons Gin (70cl) NV

More information

  • 45.0% ABV
  • 31.5 Units
  • 700.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2050

Strolling through Cambridge meadows, William and Lucy Lowe were inspired to create gins that capture the taste of the English seasons using botanicals grown in and around their home. And so Cambridge Distillery was born. They work on the principle that no two botanicals are the same. So they treat them individually, using a special distillation matrix, which factors in temperature, timing and pressure for each one. It treats these delicate ingredients with more precision to extract even greater flavour. Fragrant spring lemon verbena, fresh summer rose and autumnal blackcurrant leaf are tailored into a supple and vibrant gin which stimulates the senses, from its initial citrus burst to the rounded, generous finish. Ideal in a martini.

"Deliciously aromatic and fresh. Cracking as a G&T; just as good as the base in a classy Martini" Samuel Fishlock
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