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"No care for appellation or country on the label, this wine is all about making a great glass of red" Jean-Marc Sauboua
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The best winemakers are wired differently from our politicians and bureaucrats. And these ones here are purely interested in the liquid that goes into the bottle and how much it will delight you. Luis is based in Navarra, Spain, where he has access to top quality Cabernet and Syrah. Oliver, on the other side of the Pyrenees, is in the south of France. He specialises in Malbec (he has twice won the award for the best Malbec in the world). They don’t worry about borders or what goes on the label. They've joined forces to produce the Bullfrog, packed with rich dark fruit and velvet smooth flavour. A wine without frontiers that’ll gladden your heart! Enjoy it however you like – on its own, with warming casseroles, roast meats. Take your pick!
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