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Private Beach Sparkling Rosé (4 cans x 200ml each) NV

Vino Rosato

The scene on the can sums it up – when you want some light, fun refreshment at the beach, on a picnic or wherever, make sure you have a few cans of Private Beach chilled down. Crisp, berry fruit rosato with spritz. Four cans of thirst quenching fun.

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Tasting notes

Gentle bubbles, lots of fresh summer berries. Crisp


Summer berries, lemony too

Private Beach Sparkling Rosé (4 cans x 200ml each) NV

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  • 10.5% ABV
  • 8.4 Units
  • 800.00 ml
  • 30 September, 2022

First we had screwcaps for easy access and to keep your wine fresh. Now we have cans: the ultimate in versatile ways to package tasty refreshment. It's an Italian pink frizzante, so has gentle bubbles, handily brought to you as a four pack of cans. They are so easy to carry, chill down easily and are easily recyclable. And most important of all, the wine is delicious. Just what you'd be looking for on a sunny day, down on the beach. Come to that, it'll be lovely in the garden and definitely the perfect drop for a picnic. Easy to pop in the backpack too and at 10.5% alcohol, a sensible strength too. In cans the wine chill downs quicker than ever (very handy). A great new wine find and concept from Italy. Lots of zesty lemon and berry fruit.

"Yes, quality wine in a can is possible! It's revolutionary and very refreshing!" Leonardo Bassano
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