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End of the Line Malbec 2019


Juicy, silky textured, black fruit Malbec from the winemaker behind our best-loved Argentine reds, Opi Malbec and Waxed Bat. All from the country’s most highly awarded winery. Revel in fresh plum and cherry fruit with chocolatey vanilla hints.

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Tasting notes

Juicy ripe red fruit, smooth tannins and mocha notes


Plum and cherry with hints of milk chocolate and vanilla

End of the Line Malbec 2019

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  • 13.0% ABV
  • 9.75 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2022

Fans of Opi Sadler’s terrific Waxed Bat and eponymous Opi Malbec will be delighted with the arrival of this suave, velvety red. Opi has a passion for trains and named this new release after Argentina’s first railway line, which ran from Buenos Aires to Mendoza. There the steam locomotive would stop, load up with barrels, and return to the capital with its precious cargo of wine. You can still see the buffers that mark the end of the line. Opi uses all handpicked grapes taken from mature, high altitude vines in Maipú, hence you get that lovely smooth ripeness balanced by a bite of juicy freshness. It’s a delightful red on its own and a versatile wine with food. Sausage and mash, casseroles or barbecues – it sits happily alongside them all.

"Easy red. Nice red, easy on the palate. Crisp taste, very good value for money" Online Review
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