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"An extra special edition of Farnese’s flagship, with extra flavour from an extra grape to the blend" Leo Bassano
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Map showing Vino da Tavola
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Thirty years ago a young Italian winemaker named Valentino, who shortly would found Farnese with his two friends Camillo and Filippo, was sipping coffee in the sun. Tractors roared past, hauling grapes at harvest time. Caught up in the mayhem, he spotted a husband and wife in a little Fiat, trailer overflowing with grapes. The berries were tiny, the best in fact, from old vines. He flagged them down and insisted on buying the lot. It became his top wine. Shortly afterwards, we met them, helped them start up and have been buying ever since. As a thank you, he's used this top wine in our anniversary Ultima Edizione – five classic Italian grapes, barrel aged to spicy perfection. It's a perfect match for hearty stews or tasty sausages.
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