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Tasting notes

"Lovely all-rounder. Delicious with all Italian food or just to drink. 5-Stars" Online Review
For the 2016 vintage
Map showing Tarantino IGP
Tasting note information
Not surprisingly for a dance that’s evolved over a thousand years, the origin of the Tarantella is shrouded in mystery. Some say it was devised in Taranto, Puglia, as a cure for the Tarantula’s bite (provided victims danced for three days and nights); others, it was the antidote to the morso (bite) d’amor. Many regions in Italy’s south have their own version of this dance but we believe we are unique in offering a seductive local wine of the same name. Discovered by our Buyer in a wild area of bountiful sunshine, ancient vineyards, olive groves, trulli and wines of outstanding value, Tarantella Merlot exudes ripe plum and sweet spice character. Decant and enjoy by candlelight with pasta ragù, tender loin of beef and your partner of choice.
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