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Tasting notes

"Since discovering Rumbullion, no other rum will do, it's delicious. Simply the best rum in the world" Online Review
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Rumbullion is just the kind of hearty, highly spiced drop that grizzled seafarers would have enjoyed on a daily basis centuries ago. It is an inspired combination of very fine Caribbean rum and an array of exotic spices. The exact blend remains a secret but it certainly makes for a heart warming, intense and opulent treat. A great gift, the brilliantly presented bottle comes wrapped in brown paper with twine and black sealing wax. The label proudly boasts its maritime influence with a hand drawn illustration of a naval grog tub emblazoned with: ‘The Queen, God Bless Her’. In summer Rumbullion is best enjoyed with ice and a squeeze of fresh lime, but when the cold winds bite there’s simply no better winter warmer – served neat of course!
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