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Plantation Xaymaca (70cl) NV


Presenting an authentic taste of Jamaica, with just a hint of a Gallic accent. Plantation Xaymaca is a 100% pot still rum from two legendary distilleries. Aged in Jamaica and finished in Cognac, this international tipple is guaranteed to delight.

Beyond the Label

Tasting notes

Dry and warming with pear, apricot and a bready, nutty finish


Smoky vanilla fruit, with banana, orange zest and pineapple

Plantation Xaymaca (70cl) NV

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  • 43.0% ABV
  • 30.1 Units
  • 700.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2025

Master blender at Château Ferrand Cognac, Alexandre Gabriel also has a passion for rum, and the Caribbean. After rescuing some old rum casks in Barbados and bringing them back to France for finishing, he was struck by the quality of the resulting rum. This sparked an obsession that led to the creation of Plantation Rum. Today, Alexandre owns a share in a several Caribbean distilleries, including the two where he sourced the components of Xaymaca. He chose Clarendon and Long Pond distilleries in Jamaica for their traditional pot stills (named Vendôme and John Dore respectively). Pot stills can produce rums with complex aromas of overripe exotic fruits, the famous ‘rum funk’ captured in the best examples. Serve with ice or a dash of water.

"Alexandre Gabriel brings back the classic Jamaican ‘rum funk’ with this traditional pot still tot" Jehan Sacaze
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