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Plantation Rum Collection 2018


Here’s a tasting pack of six delectable rums from Maison Ferrand’s Plantation team. Featuring six 100ml miniatures of the Caribbean’s finest, it’s a great gift for the rum lover in your life, or a fine introduction to Plantation’s irresistible range.

Beyond the Label

Tasting notes

The whole range of complex flavours, from juicy fruit to smoky wood


An array of aromas – tropical fruit, dark spice to woody spice

Plantation Rum Collection 2018

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  • 43.0% ABV
  • 4.3 Units
  • 100.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2022

Plantation Rum was founded after Alexandre Gabriel, a champion Cognac blender, stumbled upon some very old vats of rum on his travels in the Caribbean. He was so impressed he brought them home to Maison Ferrand to further age, blend and bottle his findings. That was in 1989, and since then he’s built up a range of rums – each one distilled and partially aged in the tropics and then finished in France. You’ll enjoy: complex 3 Stars from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad; spicy Gran Añejo from Guatemala and Belize; tropical Grande Réserve from Barbados; fiery Original Dark from Trinidad; vintage Peru from this country’s Chicama Valley; and medal winning Plantation XO, created to commemorate the company’s 20th anniversary. A warming selection.

"If you love rum, or you’re keen to see what all the fuss is about, this gift pack is just the ticket" Jehan Sacaze
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