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"For a brilliant example from one of the top producers from the Niagara region, try Carretto" The Independent
Map showing Niagara-on-the-Lake VQA
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What exactly is ice wine? Very few places in the world are capable of making it in the traditional manner due to the specific climate conditions required, but Gary Pillitteri’s estate in Ontario is one of them. The grapes are left on the vine until the first ‘big freeze’ hits, then the grapes are harvested and crushed. The ice, mainly made up of water, is discarded and what is left is a very sugar-rich grape nectar which is fermented into wine. Ice wine is a rarity not least because it takes ten times as many grapes to make compared to ordinary dry table wine. The wine’s natural acidity provides a wonderfully striking counterpoint to the luscious sweet fruit character of this spectacular stickie. Enjoy it with cheesecake or key lime pie.