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Tasting notes

"A blended malt that tastes way more like a fine single malt – a whisky to savour slowly" Jehan Sacaze
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Prepared especially for our customers, Old Harry has enjoyed a loyal following for years, and not without reason. Unlike some blends, which combine malt whisky with other grain spirits, Old Harry is made purely from malt whisky, selected from some of Scotland’s most revered distilleries. This category, once known as Vatted Malt, allows the skilled blender to produce a reliable product that hits all the right notes. The chosen whiskies were each aged in oak for a minimum of eight years, then combined and matured in barrel for a further year, allowing the flavours to integrate beautifully and adding futher notes of spicy oak. With its fruity character and light peatiness, Old Harry makes the perfect glass to relax with at the end of the day.
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