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Eguren Crianza 1973

Rioja DOC

From a winery dating back to 1870, this is a remarkable Crianza. Who'd have thought it could age 47 years. But good Riojas do and with class. The aroma is a bit closed, but it offers sweet raspberry, caramel and chocolaty notes with freshness too.

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Tasting notes

Sweet raspberry, freshness, chocolate and coffee caramel notes


A little closed (it's old), with hints of delicate raspberry, balsamic

Eguren Crianza 1973

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  • 12.0% ABV
  • 9.0 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2023

Rioja Crianza is seldom associated with long age, but this magnificent Eguren release certainly proves that it can. The bodega was founded in 1870 and today is run, along with their Sierra Cantabria winery, by the fifth generation. The wine has been kept very well, so is in excellent condition. The cork is still the original, so open with care. It may crumble, but don't worry. If it does, push into the bottle, sieve the wine into a decanter and serve as soon as possible. Wines this old don't like too much air. It was the palate, more than the aromas that really impressed our buyer. "Beautiful (and surprising) sweet raspberry notes, a hint of caramel, chocolate and whisky". All delicate, yet with freshness! Savour slowly with plain chicken.

"Beautiful raspberry flavours with powerful acidity and a chocolatey finish combined with caramel" Beth Willard
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