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Cuvée Aleksandr NV


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  • Silver, Effervescents du Monde, 2014

The Tsars had a taste for Champagne and Tsar Aleksandr I introduced his own local version 200 years ago, in Moldova. Cuvée Aleksandr is our revival of the tradition – a creaamy, sophisticated fizz made from pure Chardonnay by the region’s top cellar.

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Tasting notes

Vibrant and dry with citrus freshness and fine streaming bubbles


Fresh citrusy nose with yeasty complexity

Cuvée Aleksandr NV

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  • 12.5% ABV
  • 9.38 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 30 June, 2019

Moldova has a long and illustrious winemaking history. 200 years ago Tsar Aleksandr I was instrumental in the expansion of Moldova’s vineyards and sponsored the making of some very serious quality Bordeaux style reds and Champagne style whites. Cuvée Aleksandr pays tribute to his lasting legacy. With plentiful sunshine and biting north winds, the Cahul region has ideal conditions for growing a variety of grapes. It enjoys a long, slow ripening season not unlike that of cool climate Marlborough or Sancerre. Made from Chardonnay and aged in deep underground cellars (former chalk mines), this is a classic sparkling wine with fine mousse and delicate citrus and yeasty character. Ideal for celebrations and a fine match for canapés and seafood.

"Easily as good as Champagne four times the price. It has a very complex and biscuity/yeasty taste" Online Review
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