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"A masterly combination of lively, graceful Malbec with unoaked, vigorous, fresh Cabernet" Beth Willard
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High in the foothills of the Andes (1,174 metres up, just over the mountain from Chile), Finca Buenaventura has a mission to produce wines that are both distinctive and memorable. Individual sites – or micro-terroirs – are separately nurtured to enhance unique grape flavours. The vines are fed by snowy melt-waters from the mountains and bask in daytime sunshine at 40°C. At night, the temperature plummets and that wonderful complexity develops. Buenaventura has developed Áureo La Obra as its premium red. A delicious combination of juicy, oak-aged Malbec and structured Cabernet. “This is the result of combining passion, hard work, love and a bit of adventure. We could not be happier,” say owners Ana Maria Delmar and Fernando Del Castillo.
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