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  Employees will benefit from:
  Exclusive savings throughout the year.
Convenience – hassle free way to experience new and exciting wines and grape varieties and to start a journey of discovery into wine.

Quality – each wine is specially chosen
from top producers by our panel of

  Detailed tasting notes inside every case.
Choice – select from monthly or
quarterly red, white and mixed collections.

GUARANTEE – we’re happy to replace any wines that the employee doesn’t enjoy.

Manageable volumes of wine – amounting to 1.5 bottles per week for monthly and 1 bottle per week for quarterly schemes.

  Case study

Taken from and based on anecdotal information from our partners.

For the past ten years Laithwaites have specialised in providing our carefully selected wines as an employee benefit. Our reach spans a good number of well known multi sector industries. The employees who chose Laithwaites wine as a benefit, report that they enjoy drinking good wine with friends and family and the selection that we offer, often leads them on a journey of discovery and education. They appreciate the tasting notes contained in our wine cases and often share their new knowledge. Feedback also states that the convenience of delivery to their chosen address is time- saving and fits their lifestyle needs.

We offer 6 bottles a month which is 1.5 bottles per week OR 12 bottles per quarter which is 1 bottle per week.

We work with a number of household charities who are happy that promoting wine of this quality and amount is an ethical and responsible choice for their members and supporters.

We pride ourselves on supporting, sourcing and buying from small wine growers. We are a high end brand with quality and service at our foremost.

If you meet any objections to offering wine as a benefit, please forward them to us and we can prepare an answer for you. At Laithwaite’s, we offer wines of both quality and character, our goal is to share our wine knowledge for the employee’s education and enjoyment. Our Employee Benefits scheme is an ideal way to start a journey of discovery for people with a genuine interest in the world of wine.

Economics of a bottle

You want to buy a bottle and you want it to taste good, but you don’t want to pay over the odds. Sensible. Your budget is reasonably elastic, so should you go for the £5 bottle or splash out on the £10 one? Is it worth the extra?
Economics of a bottle

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