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It's official. 9 in 10 gin fans prefer Warner's*

We cram our London Dry Gin with countryside flavour from fresh, farm-grown botanicals. So, our award-winning taste is all thanks to Mother Nature (and our expert distillers, of course).

Most of the ingredients are grown a short stomp from the distillery, because fresh botanicals taste...well, better. We harvest the likes of Lavender, Angelica root and Lemon Verbena with our own, not-so-fair, farming hands.

To top it off, we rescue citrus peel that would have been destined for landfill, which gives our London Dry its bright burst of flavour that you legends love!

Pour over a glass filled with ice and top with Indian tonic for a belter of a G&T. Real gin has the countryside in.

*88.9% of 588 respondents said they preferred Warner's London Dry recipe to their regular gin in our taste test research conducted between 26.04.21 and 07.05.21. The other 11.1% are probably no fun at parties anyway.