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Osmoz Citrus Gin

What do you get when the dynamic younger generation of an historic Cognac family want to make their own mark and create a lasting legacy? Osmoz Gin from Famille Vallet.

This is their Citrus gin, the brainchild of the family matriarch, Elodie Vallet. She uses the property’s own grape base spirit – as the Vallet family have done for centuries – and then the botanical alchemy begins

The initial aromas are of fresh lemon, orange and juniper. Swirl your glass to release balsamic notes, apple, apricot and saffron. This is a very full-bodied gin that fills the palate with juniper, almond and bitter lemon flavours.

Salcombe Gin Start Point

It started with two yachting pals enjoying a regular G&T after fun days on the water. 19 years later Angus and Howard met up again in South Devon and founded the Salcombe Distilling Company. They hit upon a delicious recipe – and within two years won double-Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits awards and Gold at the World Gin awards. Their next port of call? The Gin Club!

Heady, earthy pine notes from the finest Macedonian juniper berries and spiced citrus notes from English coriander seeds and fresh citrus peels. It’s complemented by ten botanicals hand-sourced from around the world via the very trading routes followed by those 19th century Salcombe fruit schooners.

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The essential flavours of gin


Botanicals are the plant-based ingredients that give gins their distinct aromatic character, none more so than Juniper. In fact, for a spirit to be classified as gin, juniper must be the dominant aroma and flavour. The very word gin derives from the Dutch word for juniper – jenever (or genièvre in French).

More radical botanicals

In addition to juniper, gin may contain an array of botanicals, some very familiar to gardeners and home cooks, such as lavender, elderflower, nutmeg, coriander seeds, angelica root, liquorice, orris (Iris root), orange and lemon peel.

More unusual botanical include, Grains of Paradise, cubeb, saffron and seaweed, Japanese cherry blossom and yuzu citrus fruits.

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