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From Sicily's lost village of the vines ... a new, super rich black red returns - for just £7.99 a bottle

Location: the ghost town of Poggio Reale. You can see the vineyards above it: home to some of the oldest, highest vines in Sicily - and a unique opportunity for red wine fans

In 1968, Poggio Reale had to be abandoned after a devastating earthquake. Home to Dino Taschetta and his family of winemakers for generations, it never recovered. The government found it cheaper to build new towns down the hill.

Vines tended for centuries fell into neglect - vines that had made the region's best and most sought after red wines abandonned, just like Dino's home.

Well, some things are worth preserving. Plus demand is soaring for Sicily's richer, old vine reds made from Nero d'Avola, the island's ancient black grape, “as valuable to Sicily as Shiraz is to Australia” (The Independent).

With the top estates commanding up to £25-£30 a bottle, Dino felt the time was right to return to the family winery. No-one had set foot in it since 1968. Nothing that a bit of hard work couldn't sort out. And in 2016 Dino bottled his first vintage of classic Nero d'Avola.

All he needed was a partner - a customer who could guarantee a good home for his first vintage. In return he would guarantee a special price - £7.99 a bottle. Enter our buyer!

Tenuta Fenice is the first vintage in HALF A CENTURY from the lost village of the vines ... so its name - ‘house of the phoenix' seems apt! It is classic Nero d'Avola - Sicily's traditional, much-loved red grape.

Expect richly perfumed aromas, oodles of vibrant dark cherry and blackberry fruit, sweet spices, hints of liquorice and a deeply satisying, mouth-coating richness that only seriously old vines can deliver.

So many of Sicily's older (less economic) Nero d'Avola vines have been grubbed up and replaced with international Cabernet Sauvignon, it would be criminal to lose these ... Save the vines! Which is why Dino wants to get his red into your glasses, so you will come back for more.

Just £30 reserves you a case of 12 bottles now - for delivery in mid-May. At £7.99 a bottle, fill your boots!