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A tale of two sisters, three vintages … and one rule-breaking Sauvignon
Hurry, 400 cases only!

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Marie and Sylvie are nature obsessed, young Bordeaux winemakers … and the founding members of Gentle Riot. A group that takes a holistic, biodynamic approach to agriculture with a deep belief in pure, natural wine made sustainably.

Everything they do, everything they make is as close to nature as possible. Vineyard, cellar, home. No exceptions. And Les Deux Soeurs is the scintillating Sauvignon they want you to try first.

To make it the best wine it could possibly be, they have broken the tradition of keeping vintages separate. 2020 gives its piercing fruit aromas of very fresh Sauvignon Blanc whilst the more mellow 2019 and 2018 Sauvignon Gris add minerality and deep depths of complexity. It’s a fascinating, delicious wine with flavours that go on and on.

Why don’t more winemakers blend vintages? The last time we listed one was many years ago … it was our most popular white until its revolutionary winemaker could no longer make it.

But these are the sort of growers that we have always worked with. Those that care for the land more than sticking to the rules. Actually, they’re their sons and daughters, grand-daughters and even great granddaughters. You want sustainable wine? These guys invented it!

Do hurry though, there are only 400 cases of Les Deux Soeurs. It’ll go fast. It’s loved in Bordeaux. We’re sure it will be here too.

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