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Allergens and wine

You may have noticed the addition of allergen information to wine labels highlighting egg and milk. There is a new requirement under EU legislation to label with these allergens as well as sulphites on labels and on our websites and in our brochures when they are used as an ingredient or a processing aid in wine and remain in the wine at or above certain limits. You will see the words:

Contains egg, contains milk, contains sulphites or a combination, such as contains egg and sulphites.

Egg and milk proteins are commonly used to clarify wines (also known as fining) during the winemaking process and have been for decades. They do not generally remain in the wine, so are unlikely to affect milk or egg allergic individuals, though in some cases minute traces may remain. Under EU law, any wine containing more than 0.25ppm of egg or milk must be labelled with the appropriate allergen.

All wines contain sulphur dioxide in various forms, collectively known as sulphites. Sulphites occur naturally in all living things and are present at low levels even in unsulphured wines. However, as sulphites help to protect wine from oxidization or from turning into vinegar, most wines (even organic) also contain sulphites as a permitted additive, usually added at bottling or at the end of fermentation. Some types of wine naturally contain fewer sulphites and fewer tend to be found in older wines. It is our policy to work with conscientious growers, all of whom work within safe, EU-controlled levels. Under EU law, any wine containing more than 10mg/l (litre) of sulphur dioxide must be labelled with this allergen.

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